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Unique Bathroom Vanities & Bathroom Vanity Cabinets
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Unique Bathroom Vanities & Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

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Your home is your castle. It is more than just a roof over your head; it is a statement about who you really are. People spend thousands of dollars on furnishings and upgrades to make their home as comfortable as possible. However, one room which is often overlooked is the bathroom. If you are doing any kind of remodeling or upgrading, you should make certain that custom bathroom vanities are at the top of your list.

Custom vanities are exactly that -- custom. They are cabinets that are made and designed to suit you. The best vanities are built by people who also build kitchens and are experts in the world of cabinetry.

Rather than buying a cheap, generic vanity, consider having one custom made. One of the best things about having a vanity designed is being able to select the wood. Vanities from chain stores are generally made out of particle board or press board. Custom made cabinets are built from real wood. Cherry, oak and maple are a few of the woods that are offered.

Generic vanities are a one size fits all option. They are all made to the exact same height, width and depth. However, bathrooms are not all the same size, nor are the needs of the individuals who use them. If you have a small bathroom, you might want to consider getting custom bathroom vanities that will enable you to maximize the space that is available.

Other options that you may want to consider are having a multi-tiered counter, or rounded corners. Think about having a corner vanity built and perhaps adding some open shelves. Additionally, you could opt to extend the counter for more space around the sink.

Vanity storage space can be maximized by utilizing the same or similar designs that you find in a custom kitchen. Spice cabinets can be altered to store medicine bottles and toiletries. You can hide the garbage in a cabinet or keep cleaning supplies out of sight.

You might have roll out shelves in the kitchen, why not have them in your bathroom as well? They are functional and practical and make finding items faster and simpler. Some people like having drawers in the bathroom. If you work with a designer, you can select a unit that has specialty or extra large drawers.

The doors on your custom bathroom vanities do not have to be wood. Two of the options that are available are glass metal doors or stained glass. However, if you prefer a more traditional wood door, you can have it stained to match virtually any color. Many people choose to have all of the cabinets and vanities in their home built of the same kind of wood and stained to match. Even if you have had your kitchen cabinets for years, a quality builder can create an almost identical match.

The height of the vanity can be altered. People who have any kind of a handicap, or who have special needs may not be able to use a vanity that is set at the standard height. If you choose to have a cabinet made, you can either have the height raised or lowered.

A customized vanity will add both beauty and value to your home, and they can increase the functionality of the room. When you are looking at cabinets, remember that custom bathroom vanities can be designed to your specific wants and needs. They are an important part of any person’s castle.